Saturday, March 7, 2009

From a dancer to a dancer

Greetings everyone..... So so so very happy to see how much money you have raised and how much impact this has had on friends of Hollis, acquaintances, or perfect strangers for that matter in such a short amount of time......

It was just last Friday night when I received the news of Hollis' accident from my pal Gil hailing in the town of Gerlach right down the street from our home, the ever sacred playa where I had met Hollis, connected, and shared space with her for just a few days.
I want to share some of my memories and also take the time to say how important it is t live in the moment and maintain connection with truly beautiful and unique individuals that may cross your path in this journey of life......

I met Hollis in a dust storm at the man this past year (you know the one that kept the gate closed for like 9 hours), we exchanged names right before we hopped into the yellow bike van to go collect "yellow" bikes during the storm... Exchanging stories and backgrounds I immediately connected with her on so many levels....

As a dancer, an artist, a free spirit, and both of us being ladies from the south I couldn't help but feel a natural pull towards this kindred spirit and vibrant soul...
Getting stuck at the depot with the "yellow bike guys" and some DPW crew that day we all laid on a huge mattress sleeping off some of the dust storm, drinking PBR's and smoking hand rolled American spirits giggling:).... Hollis played a big role as to getting me so involved with volunteering at the man (it being my first burn). After the Depot I climbed on another truck with her to go work the gate... One word for that day DUSTY and Windy OK so that's 2 words But i Had an absolute blast working along side so many great people and of course....HOLLIs....:)

The last day that I shared time and space with her she had given me her contact info and told me to come to san fran to check out her amazing Bike Riding dance group.... I'm also a photographer and offered to take photos of her for she had inspired me and sparked some ideas with her contagious presence....

There are some pieces and also big chunks missing from my adventures and time shared with Hollis but A PARTICULAR POINT THAT i WANT TO MAKE AND SOMETHING THAT HAS OCCURRED TO ME SINCE THIS TRAGIC EVENT has come along IS THAT LIFE IS ever so PRECIOUS
I NEVER WENT TO VISIT her IN SAN FRAN. I NEVER SAW HER DANCE TROUPE THAT SHE SPEAKS SO HIGHLY OF, I NEVER GOT TO COLLABORATE WITH HER AS A DANCER, AND I NEVER TOOK HER PHOTOGRAPHS I'm not trying to beat myself up about it I know some plans slip through cracks and that's OK but with this happening has reminded me to take that trip, dance that dance, and snap those photographs Live everyday to the fullest.....Love with all your heart LIFE IS PRECIOUS, PEOPLE ARE PRECIOUS, AND IT IS IMPORTANT to let those special people who have been in your life for 10 years or 10 minutes know how much you appreciate their time,love,energy, talents, and spirit as much as you possibly can.

I hope by holding this "For the Love of Hollis" FUNdraising event, AND BY GATHERING THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER TO CREATE A MASSIVE FORCE OF ENERGY can express and contribute my gratitude along with others for having Hollis and for having so many beautiful people and who have shed some light into my life and effected me in so many positive ways that i will carry around in my heart and soul forever. This has really put into perspective and proves that WE ARE ALL SO POWER AS INDIVIDUALS AND WHEN COMBINING OUR POWERS, OUR LOVE, OUR HEARTS AND OUR TALENTS, WE CAN RISE UP EVERYDAY KNOWING THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE........ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, HOPE, AND DESIRE TO ACCOMPLISH ANY OBSTACLE TASK OR GOAL...

May Peace, love, light, healing, and dance radiate through this difficult time...
all my love

For the Love of Hollis Saturday April 4th 7pm- 4am

A Benefit For Hollis

Come Join us as we come together to celebrate,contribute, and share our ART, Our Love, Talents, Inner SUPERHEROS, Music, Dance, and Laughter


Greetings LADIES N
GENTS...Emerald Here........
The time has come to Unify and come together for a special person and an important cause. Hollis needs our HELP to get back home to heal. And what a better way to contribute and with a evening enriched with the Atlanta's vibrant and amazing arts community. Hollis is a dancer and lively spirit so she wouldn't have it any other way...

So far I have the following for contribution and participation:

**** 3 live painters

**** An artist to do live portraits/sketches of guests/participants
**** A PA system for music plus DJ
*** Fire Dancers
**** Volunteers for food/beverage
*****Volunteers to take money/donations at door
***** Energy Healer (Reiki)
***** Belly dancing ( looking for more)

***** Aerial Performers (hopefully if available)

Needed and wanted

Any form of artistic expression
**** Volunteers for decorating
**** Contributions
**** Live Poetry
**** Live music / Musicians
***** You may contribute any Paintings, Photographs, Sculptures, Art cars, Art in installations, pottery, jewelry, Hula Hoops, crafts etc. etc. (ALL FOR DONATIONS ONLY PLEASE EVERYTHING WILL GO TOWARDS THE CAUSE AND THAT IS TO GET HOLLIS BACK HOME TO HEAL)

Currently looking at possible venues with plenty of parking and who will host the event for free
***Blue Mark LOunge (they hosted the All Purpose Party)
** JSIN from secret may be able to
*** EYEDRUM???
**** Blue Tower (where decompression was held)




One love.....we are all woven together into the fabric of the UNIverse
Peace much love

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